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I 'm  Flo,

I created Living For Wellness as I have a passion for helping others live their best life.

As a nutrition consultant, I  create personalized plans to help you meet your goals.

I provide a vitamin, mineral and  a mind-body-spirit assessment, that focuses on chakra balance. 

I will give you recommendations based on the options you selected in the fillable form.

Assessments can be easily completed through email.

Counselling sessions through zoom and in person if you prefer, and are local.

My niche is hypertension and weight loss.

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My Story

 I have completed a 3 year nutrition counseling diploma program & I am a certified holistic nutritionist & certified Sports nutrition consultant (CHN & CSNC)  and a Published Author.

I am a very passionate person, my beliefs, values & spirituality in life have become a high priority. 

 I recognize that our intelligence gives us a unique responsibility toward our environment.

I believe that we should seek within nature that which is contributory to our health and well-being.

I look forward to helping you make the changes you need to live your best life, happy healthy, strong.


Let's connect.

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